Trump Isn't Down in the Polls: Here's the Truth

Credit to Poynter

News over the past few weeks has been very blunt. "Trump Down in the Polls" they say. But it's all false, liberal propaganda, and here's why they're doing it. 

President Trump is tired. He's tired because he is constantly being attacked from all sides. His fire began to return after Tulsa, but it's been a few. He's also busy. Busy with protesters, a virus, and fake news. His enemies see this, and have taken advantage of the situation.

In 2016, a video was released of Donald Trump. You all know what the video was. Mainly false. But, some of his supporters saw it as the end for him. But... he won.

Democrats are trying again. They still can't accept that they lost, and have fought that loss for 3 and a half years. So, since they failed to impeach him, they are just doing their best to keep him from a second term. This is the strategy:


Ever heard of the power of suggestion? People are suggesting that he is losing, so he is, right? Wrong. They are just using polls to turn some of his supporters on him. And, so far, it's working. Even with some people like Tucker Carlson have been tricked.

Now listen to me. Trump has not conceded defeat. He is not losing. He IS NOT GIVING UP! And neither should you.

Get smart America.

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  1. Trump has a few more months before the election to tank his ratings even further with his constant, idiotic antics. He's gonna need a lot more foreign interference than what he used in the last election cycle to even stand a chance. He barely won in the first place, and his base has shrank since then.


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